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Re: What's your favorite sandwich?

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Thanks for the additional description of the sandwich Smiley Happy


Oh my gosh, I haven't thought about the Madonna Inn in a long time!  We used to stop there for something to eat on the way down to LA.


Each room was different, people used to be blown away by this one, I think it was called the Rock Room:


And the Pink Room


The dinning room



@Noel7 Daisy Mae Room?  I think.  I stayed there one night.  The shower was a rock waterfall, the sink was a rock basin.  I had problems falling asleep because I was afraid the rock ceiling would fall and squish me!  I'll always remember the Madonna Inn.




O/P here:  Noel, Thank you so much for posting the Madonna Inn photos.  And to rrpell and you both for providing comments.  In its hey day, it was really something else!