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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

They probably bought a cheaper brand since prices are up on everything.  Maybe you should check out Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

I think most of it depends on the area and who the franchisee is.


We have a McDs we go to that's always consistent.  We know the franchise owner and she's committed to keeping things (prices and quality) good.


Another one in a nearby town, not so much.  In fact, I just told a visiting friend that I won't go there anymore.


I like Dunkin, but prefer McDs coffee, and I never bother with over-priced Starbucks.  I once ordered a slice of Sweet Sam's lemon pound cake and it was just the wrong side of stale.  Overpriced and dry.  Never again.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

Not much for fast food restaurants anymore.  And never ever acquired a taste for coffee.  I cannot tell the difference.  They all seem bitter.  Hubby uses K cups and that is about it for coffee.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

I love McDonald's coffee & I always order the 84 Keurig cups from Amazon for about $39.  It is a very good buy, the taste is the same to me.  I feel it is the best coffee on the market.  I do not like Dunkin Donuts - too strong, or Starbucks.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

This is a bit off-topic, in that I'm responding to comments about Diet Coke made in this interesting thread.... I've always heard that McD's coffee is excellent--sad to hear now that they may be cutting corners.  Coffee has soared in price in the last year.  I get Peets from Costco, and it is fresh and tasty, but much more in cost than it used to be.


Diet Coke:  I've recently been dealing with a rodent invasion stemming, probably, from work on two houses nearby (one has been abandoned for years).  They moved into my house.


So I finally hired a rat trapper to help.  I thought I had one or two, and that they were coming in from the outside.  (I have an open cabinet b/t the patio and the kitchen.)  Thought it would be simple to just close off that point of entry.


After I saw one in the kitchen, I sealed off the bottom cabinets near the entry and did some discouraging things (rats don't like cayenne pepper or cloves)--the herbs helped me once before but not this time.


So. . .Willie, the professional, opened the closed cabinets and found out that my cache (for storms) of Publix water gallons and diet cokes had all been quaffed almost dry by the rats.  They are smart--they chewed open the top of the containers and then drank off the liquid.  The rats also like Diet Coke, I guess, though they preferred savoring the spring water. 


SOOOO glad I hired Willie to deal with this (he is installing a lot of wire mesh, which they can't chew through.) The storm now called  Ian is unlikely to hit where I live in eastern S Florida, but I often have to depend on the Publix water gallons in storm season, and I have bad eyesight and would not have seen, probably, the tears in the containers. Yikes!


Back to coffee--I read in _The New Yorker_ years ago that coffee, ounce by ounce, is actually the most expensive beverage in the world.  If McD's sales fall off, maybe they will go back to their original vendors and try to make up any price difference with some other product.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

I don't buy coffee at McDonald's unless on the rare occasion that I'll buy an egg mcmuffin there but the only coffee k-cups I'll buy (which are on auto delivery from Amazon) are McCafe. Ditto for the coffee I use in my drip coffeemaker. I love it.

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

@hckynutjohn wrote:



I should have been more specific. This is in the waiting areas in the hospital and doctors offices. There used to always be big machines with coffee or hot water to use for their tea bags.


Remote area? Some people believe we still use horse and buggies in our state! But it is more just riding horseback, without the buggy.  =^..^=


hckynut  🇺🇸



@hckynutjohn Thank you for the explanation! Your response about the horse and buggy was cuteSmiley Happy

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

My favorite is Starbucks Medium Roast Breakfast or House Blends. I drink it every single day. So yummy! 

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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?


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Re: What's up with McDonald's coffee?

I remember reading an article a few months ago about how global warming has adversely affected the quality and quantity of coffee crops.



60 Minutes did a story about how climate change is affecting wine as well.