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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

I'll be cleaning/straightening up the computer room and spare bedroom.  I've put it off for months...tomorrow is ''the day'' !!

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

Laura, thank you. This is my hub's second best buddy lost. It hit him hard. Take care of yourself tomorrow. This has been both a tough and fragile year. 

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

We are packing our little cooler and heading out on the boat till about noon or so.


Under the bimini and listening to music, eating brunch and just hanging out.  Will probably throw ideas out about the house next door we plan on buying.  Lots to discuss.


We'll come home and shower and just hang out.  May have pop up thunderstorms because of heat.  Bring on the rain -- I love it!


Life's a beach.

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

@LindaSal  Youre very welcome. If it flares up give it a try! 

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

Today, Saturday, I am doing the third version of my aurora watercolor and hoping that I am pleased with this one.  At noon, I do an online cooking class.  We are making crab benedict.  Cooking dinner and reading, maybe another watercolor.  They say that practice makes perfect, and I need a lot of watercolor practice.


Sunday is DH's birthday.  Maybe order dinner, thinking Mexican.


Getting ready for our big day on Monday as we try to trap the cat at the cat colony and get him to the vet.  That will probably be all day.

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

I had a grocery delivery on Friday.  


Going to poke around in yard this morning then head indoors to read a book.  Need to pick some flowers for vases.  Going to call my niece in Southern California who is working on a Covid unit and see how she is doing.  


Sunday I am going to make quiche Lorraine and some spaghetti salad to split with a friend of mine who is undergoing chemo.  Watch 60 Minutes and then back to my book. Not very exciting but everything I used to do is closed. That is what my life has been like for months!

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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

  • I straightened up the apt. this morning.  

  • Spent too much time looking for something I put away and can't find now.  But found six pairs of sunglasses that I put away last year and couldn't find - so I bought some more.

  • Had quick "brunch."

  • In about 20 minutes - I'll start getting ready to go out.  I have to be at Church around 3:30 pm .... gone until about 5:00 pm.
  • On way home I have to pick up a couplle of things at grocery store.

Tomorrow - probably staying inside - and keep looking for the stuff I put away last year.


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Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

Up at 6:30 to take my husband to the ER for treatment of strep. Since retiring, I do not do early, but also know going to ER right after shift change is the best chance for an in/out visit. And it was, so now we rest and enjoy a sunny, hot day.