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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

It depends if I cook or if MIL cooks. If I cook:


Whole Turkey

Gravy from the drippings

Mashed potatoes

Sweet potatoe casserole (no marshmellows)

Brussel sprouts, bacon and carrots

Cranberry sauce (whole berries)

Pumpkin pie

Apple pie

My Grams' stuffing



If MIL cooks:


Turkey breast

water gravy

Bread balls

boiled cabbage

roast potatoes

fruit compote


Since England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, this is as good as it gets. Usually the family insists I do it, lol. It's all good. : )

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

We hadn't even thought about it but I just asked DH what he wanted to do.  It's just the two of us.   After some discussion we decided to stay in and have a mini Honey Baked ham, baked candied yams, waldorf salad, fruit salad, a green veg TBD, dinner rolls and a small pumpkin pie for him and some dessert for me.   I'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie.  A bottle of nice champagne and we'll be set.  And the Cowboys

game for me!!!

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

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My husband and I, for the first time ever, are going to do something totally outside the box for us. We’re going to go out of town for Thanksgiving. We’re going to go to the casinos in Biloxi. 


So Thanksgiving for us will be whatever the buffet is serving.  And I am beside myself with excitement. 


We are going to have his family over the Saturday before Thanksgiving for lunch. I have no idea what we’ll be having. Honey Baked Ham probably. 

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

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5    Martha's Turkey w/butter and sides

6    Martha's Primerib

10  Junior's Piecaken Cheesecake

5    Greenhead Lobster tails (20 count)

10  Kansas City Hot Dogs (24 count)

      Vintage Wine Estates Kevin O'Leary's Select Reserve 100 Bottle Set



Staying home.

ham or turkey.

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

Day before Thanksgiving my 2 grandaughters come over, I sit at the counter and mince onions, celery and parsley while they are at the stove making the stuffing (love my job).  In the afternoon I make the candied sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.  


TG day I prepare the bird and put it in the oven.  That's it for me :-).  Family of 10 adults including dh and myself, plus 5 great grands come to my house for the feast.  One DD is in charge of the mashed potatoes, another DD does all the other veggies, another does the rolls and stirs things.  Then son-in-law takes over and makes the best gravy.  


We do buffet style and since table only sits 6 we eat anywhere we can find a seat.  Desserts are provided by my DDs, usually pumpkin, apple and lemon merangue pie.  


AND - the best part - they all clean up!!!  When all is said and done my kitchen is once again put back in place - well that is until the next day when they show up for leftovers, and maybe on Saturday some come back for leftover-leftovers.  


Boy am I beat (NOT) :-)

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

We're not ham or turkey people, but we love the 'sides.' I make sure I have a few traditional sides on hand as well as trad desserts, then make daughter's chili and cornbread and son's lasagna. Son and daughter take all leftovers home. Thanks morning we hop in the car and deliver meals  our church puts together. Then we come home and chow down. Sad that we don't get to be around my Phoenix daughter, but their tradition includes her Dallas in-laws. But love the phone calls and face times. If energetic and weather cooperates, we take a walk.         

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

I am hosting this year. The menus is home made chicken soup, turkey, stuffing,stuffed artichokes,roasted vegetables(buttertnutsquash potatoes,carrots and mushrooms). Home made pies.I do some preparing in advance.  Happy thanksgiving.

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

We don't have a big family, but we all love HOMEMADE turkey!  DH is my prep cook.  He does all of the chopping and green bean stringing.  I do a 25 lb. turkey because they all want leftovers for at least four days.


Roast Turkey




Cranberry Sauce

Fresh Green Beans

Steamed buttered carrots with fresh parsley

Vegetable Casserole   (Fresh vegies, grated parmesian, buttered bread crumbs, a little chicken broth for steaming.)

Fresh Fruit Salad

Yeast Rolls, Butter

Pumpkin Pie, Homemade Whipped Cream Kahlua Drizzle


(*I never serve over two starches.  This is one of the few occasions that gets bread.).

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?



The Honey Baked Ham store sells sliced ham by the pound which is great for two people.  

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Re: What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

We have a small local restaurant called Gobble that specializes in turkey dinners.  You can get Thanksgiving dinner there every day.  I have been there several times but I always get a plain turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo.  That is my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner!