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Re: What "Makes" You Want to Buy Something?

Since retiring I've become more selective in purchases I make from QVC or any other vendor.  The number of items sold does not affect my purchase.  To me that's simply a sales ploy.   I buy based on whether I like it and if I really need it.

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Re: What "Makes" You Want to Buy Something?

@Annabellethecat  I was noticing the other day the difference in Saffiano patterns on the different handbag companies including the ones Qvc doesn't sell like Tory Burch and Calvin Klein and I realized that Dooney's Saffiano was not my favorite.  In fact, the more I looked at Dooney's saffiano, the more I really dislike it. So, I'm now in the market for a nice saffiano pattern and will eventually buy something. 

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Re: What "Makes" You Want to Buy Something?

absolutely not!

that does not sway me to buy because i've been thinking for myself for a long time.
i could care less how many of something has been sold or how many are left.
to me, that is just part of the sales pitch.

that use to be shown on the screen with the info about the item.
that should be brought back. then the vendor would have more time to talk about the product itself.

between the repetition of color, size etc, it's too much. instead, when i think about it, i keep the home page open to the part that shows the product that's on air.

if i think it's something i would spend money on, then i'll change the channel to watch a minute of it, then flip back to what i originally had on.

i use to enjoy watching an hour here and there, but i just can't anymore. whether it's a cooking item or beauty item, the presentation sounds the same. i want to hear what the vendor or rep has to say.