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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

One thing that is better for me is that it's finally cool to be a homebody! 😜

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

I'm still stuck at home for work, but things are starting to look up. Summer semester I'll still be home.  This fall freshman will be coming back to campus (as required pandemic or no pandemic) but it looks we might be back!  I'm really excited over this!  Everyone over 18 is being vaccinated (or at least I hope)  I would think their parents would make sure they were, especially out of state. So too early, but from I've learned very hopeful.

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

@SeaMaiden wrote:

I can just leave the house makeup free... so much time saved!  Love not feeling I have to put on makeup... love masks for that reason

@SeaMaiden Woman Very Happy I have saved so much money not buying make-up.


I live my life always with the glass half-full. I told my husband one day, the perk of wearing a mask is I don't have to wear make-up.

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

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As you stated.


Also, Anxiety, and Grief + better eating I lost > 20 lbs.


Reconfirmed the ability to entertain myself.


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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

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People are more aware how diseases, especially viruses are transmitted. People understand that they need to wash their hands often. People have learned that it might not be such a good idea to go into work or school when they are sick with something they think is infectious. People are more aware of the changes in the immune system with aging. Doctors have learned that online visits can be an option for some patients and in some circumstances.


People have been reminded that everything they see, want, or try to do can be more difficult and complicated than it seems on the surface.

People in the US and other wealthy countries, that did not live during WWll, have become more aware of supply chains and they know that they can't always get every brand every time they want to. As The Rolling Stones said, "You can't always get what you want." People here are a little less spoiled.


People realize how much they miss the hugs and visits with family and friends.


Many people are grateful for COVID vaccines and many are not taking vaccines for granted anymore. 

Many people are aware of how horrible pandemics are for the whole of humanity. 


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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

The grocery stores are less busy, and it's easier to find a close parking spot! It's been over a year, and I have gone to my local grocer every week without fail. It's pretty easy to zip in and zip out if that's what I want to do. That said, while the stores aren't packed, they certainly aren't empty either.

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

I gave up most restaurant food.  I used to go to the gym and only use the treadmill, or power walk daily up to an industrial park where there are a lot of corporate offices. No more.  I now exercise at home, doing only all large muscle resistance and weight training (I do that power walk once a week on the weekend only). Still on 100% telework, and I don't ever want to go back into the office.



I've lost 25 pounds (between July 2020 to now), and I use all that non-existent commute time getting back into my painting.  



My adult son had to move in with me for 9 months of 2020, but he changed careers, and found a great position in another state 4 months ago.  So I'm living alone again -- and loving it (still miss him though). 

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

My oldest daughter asked me what changes did I make.  She said 'nothing is different with you'.


She's right, I guess.  I have always eaten out a lot and I did thru the pandemic.  My friend and I were just careful.  


We live in Virginia, near the DC line.  There were lots of restaurants open throughout it.


We were very careful.


I broke my back (again).  But in a place where it will always cause pain (near the S part).  I lived with it broken and healing for about 1 month before I was able to get to my Drs.  Maybe it was a week or two more than that.


That was painful, but my daughters and family came over and helped me reorganize my house.


We were lucky in that no one in my family (extended even) had to be hospitalized due to the virus.


I had more food delivered than I ever did before.


But I think about the people who's elderly died and were very sick from Covid.


All of my elderly in our family died BEFORE Covid.


I have always been a germafobe (sp) .  I've always wiped my hands with  sanitizer as soon as I get into my car.  Then I wipe down my car.  I've been doing that for years.

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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

Hopefully buffets disappear forever. 🤢 Great breeding ground for passing around every manner of bacteria and virus.
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Re: What is "better" after our year of pandemic?

I had to really think about this and I am sorry to say but there is nothing that is positive from this --- nothing.  So much pain and suffering.  People dying.  Being separated from family and friends.  Being isolated and not being able to come and go as you like.  Children not getting to go to school and enjoying their friends and activities, etc.  People losing their jobs, their homes.  Businesses which have closed down.  Nope --- not positive at all.  

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