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What is it with some kids today

This past Sunday at 2 in the afternoon a few kids rang this womens doorbell in my area. She answered the door so they would not wake her boyfriend. An eleven year old pulled a gun out and made her go into her house. There were 4 kids in the house and 2 had guns. Luckily her boyfriend woke up and the kids ran when they heard him loading his gun. They ran and the cops saw them running towards a truck and they all ended up getting arrested. Ages for these 6 boys is 11 to 17. They were all denied bail and the mother of the 11 year old said there is right and then their is wrong but he is only a child. They all have records.

Then on trick or treat night a lady said to a neighbor kid she knew that she was going to steal his candy. She was joking with him. He said no you are not and pulled out a handgun. The clip was in his backpack with his candy. His brother also had a gun.

No one was hurt but I just think how these kids are throwing their whole lives away. To me it is really sad. I hear about it all the time locally and nationaly but for some reason these 2 made me really think.