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Re: What does COIT charge for drapes?

@shoekitty wrote:

I am so sorry this happened to you.   I have had a slow leak we didn't know about that ruined half of our kitchen hardwood floors.  This stuff is maddening.  I am in California and used COIT many, many hears ago.  I have hardware and blinds now.


I have heard it costs 80-170@ pr depending on fabric, lining and such for COIT  They go by silk, cotton, polyester...and add costs from there. 

it might be a good idea to send to cleaners if possible as an alternative.  Just be aware that those carpet and drape cleaners companies start with a certain price per square ft.  Then they  add type of fabric, then if it has lining, etc.  kind of like carpet cleaning.  They advertise  a 99 dollar special,and it winds up being 200.  


We are in California, my daughter had Coit clean her couch a couple years ago.  Itwas 125 bucks.  The did nice job.  It was baby and toddler filthy

@shoekitty @Thanks. I'm sure it will cost an arm and a leg. COIT takes the drapes down and REHANGS them. My sliders are very tall, 95" and the panels are above this. The doors are very wide across so hanging drapes is very hard. I know because I am the person that hung them but it is a two person job. I'll probably wait to get them done. They are already dry. I'm bummed because I love the fabric they are made from and they still have that brand new crispness to them. I don't want to lose that crispness when they get cleaned. I usually swag these panels so they are not on the floor but my husband keeps taking them down from their swagged position.