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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

favorite possessions:


1) two rings.              2) iPad 

           - wedding band.  - parents' ring combo. 


We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

My mother's engagement set, rings belonging originally to my grandmother. Platinum and rose cut diamonds.


A little painted porcelain cat -- The body is a blue and white kimono and the right hand and the head (of a black and white cat) are on pins so they bob. It was my other grandmother's and she may have gotten it from her mother. It was on her piano and she gave it to my mother who later gave it to me. My Nana's great piano piece was "Lady of Spain". She played with great drama and she and my Papa sang along.


I thought what two things would  I rescue in a disaster out of my multitude of stuff. Those two came to the front.


Fun thread!

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

My great, great grandmother’s bible and my Mustang.

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

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My iPad.  It connects me to the world.  I manage most of our finances with it.  It's loaded with books and other forms of entertainment.  I can FaceTime with my family.  I'm never without it.


I remember telling my husband adamantly that I wasn't interested in the web but he was sure I would like it if I would just try it.  He created a monster.


I would choose my car because it's a necessity with how I live.

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

That's really tough, choosing just two items. One would be photographs of all my loved ones who have passed ( you can't put a price on your memories) and my iPad Air, I bought it last November, it's the newest model, I am crazy mad over it!

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

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I love these questions because they help get through these days.


The first is my fathers white gold, blue star sapphire and diamond ring. He passed away 50 years ago and I wear that ring on larger fingers. The second is my grandmothers yellow gold and diamond cross that I wear everday around my neck with a diamond and gold heart my mother gave me. It has 15 medium-ish size diamonds on it. Having these things makes me feel like loved ones are always with meHeart

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

Photographs and hundreds of books.

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

My silver charm bracelet that my parents gave me when I was 10 years old. I was given charms by family members and last charms were high school charms I received for graduation. I still wear it and love each charm because each one is special and remember each person that gave the charm. All of the family members that gave me charms have passed except one aunt that is now 99. I smile when I wear the bracelet and remember how much I was loved by those people.

The second item is a 14k bangle that I bought when I was a senior in high school. I had to put it on layaway (now that takes me back), I worked months to pay for it. I have had both items for over 50 years.
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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

@prettychis wrote:

@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I would usually be sentimental and mention rings and things that belonged to my mom. However, just recently when my microwave died and I ordered and waited for a replacement ,I realized how much I depend on it. Also my phone, which keeps me connected to friends. 

I was without a diashwaher for months because I was too stubborn to pay for one. Not that we couldn't afford it. I'm glad I finally gave in to my husband and got one. Nowadays paper towels are a hot commodity in my house. 

I purchased a set of 2 metal hooks - that fit over the top of the cabinet under my kitchen sink. I put hand-towels in the ring part - so I use much fewer paper towels. I also have a hook in my master bathroom - on the cabinet under the bathroom sink - where I also put a hand towel. There's a wide towel bar and I put a large towel on it. Bed/Bath also sells these hooks.Saves lots of money on paper towels.

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Re: What are your 2 favorite possessions

My sterling silver charm bracelets (4) full of charms collected from childhood thru adulthood and then my newest one : grandmom.

(These are real charm bracelets not Pandora style that seems to be the updated version)


and my dad's USAC ring given to him by me as a gift when he was promoted to Techical Supervisor for Mario Andretti racing and Indy 500 pit supervisor.  I remember working a retail job many mons ago and saving every penny to buy it.