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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?



I do have a zero turn rider mower. With my Craftsman rider mower it took about 5 hours just the mowing. Zero turns almost cut that time in half. Our acreage has some pretty steep hills. Going down them takes some practice on a zero turn because mine had no brakes.


If I go too fast I could end up on our gravel road. These mowers have no suspensions like shock absorbers, so it is a pretty rough ride. I try to miss the roughest parts as best I can, but if the air pressure builds up in the tires in the heat? It is even a rougher ride.


Hey, enjoy whatever you got going,




hckynut 🏒

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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?

OMG the picture I have of you flying down the hills @hckynut .  Smiley Very Happy 


I know you know what you're doing (I am actually jealous since I have an electric push mower that I have to unravel and walk up and down).  The time I waste getting the cord out of the way is probably substantial but I've gotten better over the years and I am not complaining about no gas runs.  


But, don't roll over into a ditch.  Getting road rash while cutting the lawn is just not cool.   

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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?

Our whole house audio system went out right before the holidays and I’ve missed having music, other than the Sirius channels on TV.  My husband spent a lot of time researching and talking to experts before upgrading. Everything came in and he’s working on getting it all installed. It’s in a closet and I don’t think he’s enjoying working in there. But oh, am I anxious for it to be done! But I’m offering encouraging words when I can. And I got him a fan. It’s the least I can do. 


I’m mostly relaxing and cleaning up here and there. Looking forward to making our Cajun Seafood Pasta together later. 

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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?

Kitchen cleaning, laundry, work in the cats' rooms, and rescuing the kibble delivery from a bear who woke me up last night, banging on the front door. He'd torn through the shipping carton and into the bag and helped himself. I guess he wanted a bowl. Now that the kibble's safely inside, I expect my trash cans to be ravaged if he returns. Next project: get the cans into the garage.


I'll take polecats any day over bears.


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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?

@happycat wrote:

I don't know, I took the dogs out earlier, already so hot and humid out there. 

I hope our weather is headed your way.  The last few days has spoiled us rotten - just beautiful blue skies, low humidity, and moderately warm during the day, cool at night.


The weatherman said the 7 day forecast was the best one he'd seen in the last 5 years.  I know it won't last forever.


Had the opportunity to go to a graduation party, and would have loved to go, but not quite ready to be around that big of a crowd with kids running around.  I was afraid, so I stayed home!

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Re: What are you guys doing this weekend?



That's AZ for it!