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What To Do With One's Belongings

Since my mother passed away I feel ready now to get her things and mine in order. I will eventually move to a smaller place and unfortunately have to part with many beloved belongings. I know I can donate clothes, I have books, hardcover and paperbacks that are in mint condition but it seems libraries, nursing homes, and hospitals don't want them. I have cds, way too many to take with me. I have collectibles (bobblehead,figurines, dolls, plates, etc), I am looking to see if I can sell them. I know of eBay but don't know much about it. Can anyone offer help of what to do with everything, I feel overwhelmed by it all.

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

Good luck!  I have found that even donating clothing is difficult since organizations don't want to take anything during this pandemic.  And "collectibles" are pretty worthless even those that were once expensive, e.g., Hummels.  


Worst case scenario call 1-800-gotjunk.  I think they take just about anything.


Again, good luck!




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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

Goodwill is accepting donations. 

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

If you have a Nextdoor neighborhood site, you can post items for sale or to give away.


Regarding the books, you can drive around your neighborhood and add some books to the free little libraries.


Both options better than just junking perfectly good items.

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

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This is going to be hard for you, beside the loss of your mother but also some of her belongings.  Add to that a big move for you.


Remember that this is the cycle of life, she probably had to go through her mother and father's things and she knew how had that was.


I don't know about people not taking donated clothes.  They have drop off boxes that you can leave clothes (and I think shoes, too).  So if you are aware of any of these boxes, take your clothing there.


As far as things you'd like to try and sell, go on ebay and input what it is you're going to sell.  See what comes up.  That will give you an idea about pricing and desirability.   Add yourself to a watch list and see how much something goes for----if it sells.


Good luck with everything.

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

I wouldn't fool with Ebay.   You can try it for some certain valuables maybe.

If you have jewelry, sell it locally on consignment.


Everything else, sell it like a yard sale, garage sale or whatever it's called in your location.   Even if you only get 50cents a piece, you will be surprised how it adds up.

Get someone to help you with that.    Don't do it alone

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

Unfortunately, I don't have any good advice for you since I'm in the same position.  I have just decided that what doesn't sell in a garage sale, other than collectibles, etc., will be donated to the local St. Vincent dePaul store.  The collectibles I will try to sell on E-Bay and Etsy.  I have had to reach the place where I have told myself these are just things and may not mean as much to someone else as much as they meant to me, but I enjoyed them while I had them.  And, I chose three boxes that could fit into a walk in closet.  I can keep those three boxes filled with my most sentimental items and after that other things have to go.  


I will be looking forward to the responses you get so maybe I will get some ideas, too.



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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

Check w/whom ever does your taxes. I think the taxable donation thing may have changed. On the other hand many places may except like GoodWill.

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

@Jordan2    Almost all of the bobblehead figurines that I see on Ebay are sports figures. If you have those you might be able to sell them. Unless you just enjoy doing Ebay, I would recommend having a moving sale. I don't think there is a great demand for collectibles anymore. But you can try. After my mother passed away I gave all of her clothes to a shelter. What furniture that she had left after leaving her retirement home and entering a nursing home I gave to the home health aides. You. get such a small amount of money for used things that it wasn't worth it to me. 

On the other hand a good friend of mine passed away a couple of years ago. She spent years collecting expensive clothes and had them stored away. Most never out of the bags that they came in. And I am talking probably a thousand or more items. Clothes, sweater's,  jewelry, accessories. You name it she collected. Her husband has made a lot of money selling all of these things on Ebay. But it is almost a full time job. Not for me. I wish you luck. 

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Re: What To Do With One's Belongings

@Jordan2  I am so sorry for your loss. 


When my dad died and my mom downsized from our childhood home, she found a local auction house and the staff there were wonderful. One of the auctioneers came to our home and went through everything with her that was worth sending to auction. 


It was amazing what she got for pieces that we thought had little value. (She had kept all of our toys from when we were kids!)


They hauled off the items and she received a check after the auction was held. 


May be worth looking in to. 


Best of luck.