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Re: What Goes Around, Comes Around



No I have not had an automated refund go to another person's credit card.

However, the clue here might be the you got somebody else's American cheese!

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Re: What Goes Around, Comes Around

I would rather watch Pro Wrestling than grocery shop.  I think that says it all.


We eat all sorts of things from different cuisines--and to my shock I can get almost everything at Walmart or Amazon.  That includes lots of spices and blends I need.


 And also, Market Hall Food is wonderful for unusual food items.  

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Re: What Goes Around, Comes Around




Cats are smart!!!



When they live OUTSIDE (like my now-inside cat did).....they eat ANYTHING, with a ferocious tenacity that shows no food of any kind, table scraps, ( even veggies!!), drippings, left over gravy...the plate so clean it looks like it's ready to put back into the cupboard.... move her INSIDE....and it starts. First...eats most anything.


Then, the sniff, the ears go back, the "look" back over the shoulder at you...."You paid almost a dollar a can for THIS and you expect ME to eat it?!?!?!?!)


Then, the most insulting move of all.....the sniff, followed by the burial if she's burying something in the cat box!!! AND the "look".


"I don't LIKE it!!!"



I understand....and mind you...this is NOT discount or cheap cat food's name brand!! And sometimes I buy Aldi canned food for the ferals, give her a little,and she'll eat it...once.


So YES I know what you mean, and can understand only buying a week's worth at once!!!!


And NO there is no "leave it til she eats it...she'll eat it if she's hungry enough". Yes, maybe, but in the meantime, she'll drive you insane with begging, jumping on you in bed, or just being ....a cat!!!


And an old cat? I just had my 15 YO put down due to cancer of his foot...he had ten "inside" years with me, but it was time...and he would ONLY eat wet food if I touched my fingertip to it and rubbed some on his nose. I think the cancer had spread and took away his appetite and maybe even his sense of smell and taste.



What we do for our pets.....