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Re: Wedneday will be all day kitchen items.......

On 6/4/2014 pridequeen said:
On 6/3/2014 gazelle77 said:
On 6/2/2014 ShowMe said:
On 6/2/2014 gazelle77 said: Just Go to Good Will....there you find all the purchases from last years QVC kitchen JUNK day..... And where Wednesday's JUNK will also end up.

gazelle, you know as well as I know, that it isn't all JUNK they will be offering.

yes, when talking $400 mixers and blenders.... they are EXPENSIVE junk.

you say a lot of things with total disgust and rancor so I am aware of your personality and it's not becoming. However, this time I just have to comment and say that is one of the most asinine statements I have ever heard. A Vitamix blender while expensive is not junk. People want things MIA and often state they will pay more if it is quality. Vitamix is quality, has a great guarantee and guess what? For people who like to cook or use blenders for making smoothies or whatever, a good, quality blender is a must. Junk is some overpriced throw away garment M.I.C that falls apart after 3 uses, or in the case of some jewelry something that has a mark up of 400% and stones fall out. I have no idea why you way say something that IS really good quality and useful 365 days a year is junk. Let's see, $400 for something you can use every day 365 days a year for 5 years with a warranty vs a $400 handbag that has handles that come apart or a jar of cream that gets used up in 60 days or clothes that go out of style, lots of things that could be junk, I don't see the need to make your ridiculous statement.

BTW: I WISH I could find a donated Vitamix in a goodwill store. Seems no one is donating this junk to Goodwill, but I have seen lots of Quacker Factory and Liz Claiborne castoffs in there.

pride.....I like your definition of what isn't junk that is being sold on the Q. If I entertained now and had the space, I would probably own some of what call "junk" in my kitchen. My hand mixer is a KitchenAide, and I love it.