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Wedding invitations are the bride and groom's responsibility.  I don't care if someone is writing them out for them or they have them profesionally done. The B&G provide the information to whoever is writing them out and should check them before they go out so something like this doesn't happen.  IMO this is inexcusable.   


As a few others have said regardless of how the invitation came to me, I wouldn't have attended anyhow since I'd not seen the person in 30 years.  Talk about a gift grab.  I'm not sure why plans were canceled such as flights or a meeting for this invitation.


I also think anytime a single person is invited to a wedding, they should be given the option of bringing a date.      

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Re: Wedding Rant UPDATE

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Something similar happened to our family.  A 2nd cousin in her 30's who lived in another state was planning on a big shindig in our hometown for her wedding.  Knowing fully well that my dad was sick at the time,  she only invited him.  He was still able to get around in a wheelchair but it was common knowledge to all that he could not drive and that my stepmom stopped driving years ago and that I was his transportation (or DH who was not interested in going anyway).  My dad was furious as he felt it was a superficial invitation and was not expected to attend but knowing his generosity probably would send a gift.  He was so furious, he sent an RSVP and wrote in my stepmom's name and my name as well.  Omg, poo hit the fan and we sat back and roared with laughter over the poo storm.   My 2nd cousin had pared down the invitiation list so much so, that only her friends and parents on both sides attended.  Her intention was really to impress her friends as this was Vegas.  When my dad died she was not informed nor did she ever call to find out.  


Unfortunately, this contentious wedding got the full endorsement of her parents as this was their daughter and their daughter could do no wrong.   No one received notice of my dad's death and my stepmom still shakes with fury over their rudeness.  My first cousin, her mother, never called to see how my dad was and she was very close to him all of her life, as was her daughter.