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So now I feel like I shouldn't complain, I got about 10 inches. I will say I do all the shoveling, the rain and sleet did me no favors, the snow was icy and heavy to shovel. Did anyone else not get mail? What happened to the credo of through snow, sleet, and hail we will get mail?

@jordan2 , Complain away, heavy snow is heavy snow and  ice just makes it worse. No mail for us, but I understand completely.

@QVC kitty 1 I actually don't mind when I don't get mail, no bills!

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We were lucky.  We were told 24 inches of snow and only got around 10 inches.


My DH got up early this morning and cleared everything cleared off by the time I  got up.  We are fortunate to have a huge snow blower.  Most of our neighbors do as well.

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All we got was rain.  Heavy rain!  Street flooding in the usual spots.


Initially they said we would get an inch or two of snow.  I would've loved to see that.



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I live in Staten Island NY & we got about 6 inches of snow which for me is 6 inches too much!!!!! .... I HATE SNOW!!!

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Where I live (Utah) were used to getting that much snow. But the last couple if years we haven't had any in the valley.  I'm getting worried. Even if the plants are dormant they still need moisture. 

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I live about 35 miles inland from the eastern shore of Lake Michigan - otherwise known as lake effect snow territory. Snow, snow, and more snow are typical. We just move it out of the way and keep going. That's why I have a beach place to escape to! Woman LOL


This year has been unusual though. No snow to speak of, at least not since I've come back north for a bit. A dusting here and there but that's it. I played golf 3 times last week. Too cold for that now though.

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