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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

I remember a time or two over the years when we watered on odd or even days.

Of course - every mudpuddle in Florida has a gator. We aren't seeing them much this year -it has been so hot & dry I suppose they are somewhere cool and wet.

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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

What about snakes?  

Seeing where they are paying people to thin

the snake (constrictor/python) populations.

Have you seen evidence of that?



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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

We  have an inground pool that was put in fifty years ago. We are allowed to top it to keep the filters running.

It is powered and heated by solar.

If you allow a pool to empty in our area and soil it will crack and pop out of the ground. Because of the location of ours the city wants us to keep it topped.

We do not have automatic sprinklers, so water everything by hand. Before seven and after seven.

We are constantly aware. We have an acre and our water bill is hideous!  Watering lawns was against the law until this month, but most are still not watering them.  

The very wealthy truck in water from god only knows where. They also were hiring people to dig wells.It  is no longer allowed to dig wells.

I know some feel that the weather situation is not real. It is up to us as individuals to try to work to save our planet.


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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

@HappyDaze wrote:

@Noel7 wrote:




That is not true for northern CA, it never was, it was true for southern CA but I think they are better. Also, pools are very uncommon around here.  Fog is common.  


And thankfully, restaurants not giving water was years ago.


If you google, I am sure you could find the awards CA has received for recycling, because your visits must have been years ago or you are just mistaken. 


Pools in SF is a joke, lol..

@Noel7 again I say it must depend on where you are referring to. I have lived there for many years and still have many family and friends in the area I visit several time every year for work and for visiting.  I am talking about from Bay Area on up as N. Cal. Never lived or visited SCal much so don't know about that area. Pools are very common in areas in the Valley, like Lincoln, Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Vallejo, Vacaville, etc. So, again, not sure what area you are referring to. Almost everyone I know has a pool and if you do Google maps in those areas, there are many, many pools. In our neighborhood alone in a court, 5 out of the 8 had/have a pool! We were the odd many out because we didn't, lol!


And all the restaurants we go to are still serving up water. We always have to stop them and tell them how many we want so they don't just assume everyone wants it. 


Again, just pointing out what you are saying is painting the area with a broad stroke and I don't need to read about it- I live/lived it. It depends on the areas but no, they are not all conservative with the water or great about recycling- then or now. It just simply is not so, regardless of how many articles one may read. 


But we can agree to disagree. I just know what I see with my own eyes and no article, award or statistic will change what I actually see and exprience personally. 


ETA: Just for fun, google maps El Dorado Hills, Ca. Do the earth view. Zoom in on the neighborhoods. Almost every single home has a pool, at least more than half do!

Not everyone in these areas in Northern California have pools, not by a long shot.  And El Dorado Hills is an upscale area and probably do have a lot more pools than other areas here.  Since this area gets many 100 plus days in the summer.not surprising we have more pools than cooler areas.


In my county we are still conserving water, and I think for a lot of us, the habits we learned through the worst of the drought have stuck with us; more and more homeowners are going to drought resistant landscaping and we are still under lawn watering restrictions.



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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

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@hennypenny wrote:

Here in CA there are parts of the state no longer in drought.

Friends and family in Northern CA are doing well and their resevoirs are full, and they are still having rain.

We have had rain, but our resevoir is about fifty percent capacity. The ground water is severly depleted and some wells will not be able to be revived.

It is a scary thing and with the earth's warming we must expect this to keep happening.




Hi @hennypenny


The depletion of the ground water is scary.  This is all serious and predicted because of global warming and extreme weather.


We are also seeing a rise in viruses and people getting sicker for the same reason.  It's getting worse around the earth.

I thought the farmers were forced to use the water from the aquifer after the Governor decided to send the reservoir water to the ocean instead of using it to water the fields.



I don't know what you are talking about, but my comment was global, not local.

The entire thread above was talking about water in CA.  Just responding.

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Re: We've been asked to conserve water

@sidsmom  Can you name anywhere in the USA that does not have snakes? Everywhere has snakes.As for the ones they are trying to get rid ofv - they are not native. People buy them as pets then let them go free. Not the snakes fault.