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Re: We saw Paul McCartney last night

I'm seeing him Saturday at Busch Stadium!  It's the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing this stadium....and I cannot wait!  I'm taking my daughter and granddaughter.  It's my daughter's birthday on Saturday, and I raised her to be a Beatles fan, so this is my gift to her. 


Last time he was in St.Louis, I only took my granddaughter--and my daughter has pouted ever since.  LOL!

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Re: We saw Paul McCartney last night

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@CardinalGirl  What a birthday present!  Fantastic and thanks for raising your daughter to be a Beatles fan. Smiley Happy


The venue where I'm seeing Paul just emailed me admissions instructions and a notice about tightened security and  arriving there early.   I'm getting more and more psyched....


"It won't be long, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....It won't be long....."