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It is so dry here in So. Indiana!  I drove into town to go to Target this morning and all of the lawns that have been mowed are turning brown. (I haven't mowed in 3 weeks because the grass is just not growing)  Some years this happens in the fall and everyone says "well, we won't see any color this year".  Then a large rain comes in and all of the leaves suddenly turn.  Not sure about this year - my backyard is full of leaves already - they are just dying off and falling.  Have you had much rain lately?

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we need rain so badly! we recently had a fire that burned 80,000 acres,we were evacuated for a week...I hope we don't have another drought.....(sigh)

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I'll send you some! Our lakes are almost at a record high because of all the rain we've been having. It seems that when it does rain it just pours and pours! We just had 2 1/2" of rain in 2 days. On a plus side my lawn and flowers never looked better!!

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I was just marveling the other day how green we still are here (SW PA).  Usually at this time of year the lawns have browned out.  We had a relatively mild winter and a wet spring.  I think that played a big part in keeping us green.


Because of our wet spring our local harvests for such items as peaches, tomatoes and corn are late.  Very few strawberry festivals held this year.


The rain over the summer has been sporatic, downpours just enough to keep us green.

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Re: We need rain!

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We need rain in Texas too---hot and dray and nearing State II Watering restrictions.....We are using umbrellas---to keep the sun away!



.Hopefully the forecasters are right and we have slight chance of rain early next week, I'm hoping and praying...................



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@hoosieroriginal et all, I hope you get rain soon!  We have finally gotten some after a very hot dry July in Nova Scotia.  We have had three days of rain in the past ten days.  Two days were soft gentle steady rain, the best kind that soaks into the soil with no runoff.

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@Lilysmom - it can get really dry here in the fall - I hate mowing when it's that dry - all the dust just kicks up all over the place.  I'm thinking if I don't mow until it rains, maybe my grass won't be completely dead.  It's short because it hasn't grown in weeks.  Yes, we need a good soaking rain.  Leaves are falling too quickly.

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@hoosieroriginal, I know the feeling. Living in Ca., last year was the first year we had rain, in probably 3 yrs. We haven't gotten any rain this summer, usully we get some in July,not this year. Let's pray and hope we get some soon. We're really dry here to.

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I live in the PNW and my lawn is also brown.  It has not been mowed in over a month.  We are breaking records up here for dry weather (for us).  I live on a corner and have rhododendrons that I have never watered ever that leaves are curling.  I have carried an occasional bucket of water to them but it is not helping.  

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We aren't going to have rain for maybe 3-4 more months. We've only just emerged from a severe drought, and could go right back into one if we have a dry year.


Green lawns? For maybe 4-5 months if we're lucky. 

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