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It's pouring here in Albuquerque.  Just in time for the eclipse!

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I think all the rain must have fallen in Colorado this year! My back yard the CCR song..."Better run through the jungle" Smiley LOL

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What a cute picture!  I am also in Texas obviously a different part of the state but we have been getting a lot of rain.  Woke up this morning to rain and is doesn't look like it is going to stop for awhile.  This is odd for us especially in August!  Hope it move ya'lls way soon!

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I just heard our local weather forecasters say that we are now below average for the month of August and could use some rain.


Earlier in the summer, our water levels were so high it was crazy.  boat docks were totally under water in areas. 


The last couple of times they've predicted rain for us, we've not gotten what was predicted. We had a little very early Saturday morning but that was it.


This is fair week in my county so it's not a week we want rain and now they are calling for rain today and tomorrow and then much cooler temps Wednesday.  

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@Spurt wrote:

We need rain in Texas too---hot and dray and nearing State II Watering restrictions.....We are using umbrellas---to keep the sun away!



.Hopefully the forecasters are right and we have slight chance of rain early next week, I'm hoping and praying...................



.Image result for cat with umbrella waiting for rain..


@Spurt  I think you are in my neck of the woods-rain this weekend and temps dropping to the 80's.   Brrrrr...........LOL

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I read last week all the counties in NJ have been taken off the drought list.  Much of the state had been under drought restrictions since last summer.  Here at the Jersey Shore, we've had some huge quantities of rain over short periods of time.


By August our lawn needs little mowing.  This year is an exception.