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Nene's Kitchen Melts. They cost 1.10 for one and they are scented very well, and last...She has super fast shipping, and the packaging is adorable, and she always includes a freebie!!!!!!I have been ordering from Missy(owners name)for years, and have never been disappointed! I also like Pure Integrity, Goose Creek as well......

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I still like Scentsy they best.


I recently bought some BH&G from Walmart and yes they are cheap but the melts are half the size of the Scentsy melts so I have to use 2 to get the same amount of scent which means I'm saving nothing.  Aldi had some for pretty cheap and they are also very small.


I have a Scentsy warmer that plugs into a light socket and then I have a few that are the warmer that you plug in and they sit on the countertop or table. 

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I bought a couple of packs from Hallmark last week, I believe the brand says Hallmark.  The selection was very nice and mine have melted well and smell wonderful.  No chemical smell, just nice and clean.