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@evilmomlady wrote:

I do not care for her at all. And especially dislike the simpering smile she puts on. I also think she is kinda fakey. 

Anyone remember when she started? Talked at length about her fragrance and how men would come up and talked to you? 

I agree.


She always reminded me of Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard": "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

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I enjoy hearing stories about her husband, but cannot "look" at her.

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@MorningLover ..Do you have any idea how old this picture is?  She certainly was a beauty in her younger years.

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@suzyQ3 ,

@evilmomlady ,

I mean I know what you mean and appreciate what you are thinking.That's why I always think is she for real? It does sound like a hollywood script.

The thing is I find I don't care if she is fake or not-I'm fascinated and mesmerized lol!

She may believe this is what people want and expect.

Anyway, I'm glad you commented on how you feel. I'm sure others may feel the same, the same way many do about Valerie Parhill. With her too, its her voice and hand movements I just can feel like I'm in a mountain lake in a canoe drifting down the stream😄😌 

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@Lindsays Grandma wrote:

@MorningLover ..Do you have any idea how old this picture is?  She certainly was a beauty in her younger years.



Hi @Lindsays Grandma   Sorry, I really don't know how old the picture is.  It's Tova's twitter picture.




Here's a few more.


May be an image of 1 person and smiling



Photo by Tova Borgnine on January 11, 2021. May be an image of 1 person, hair and outerwear.


Image result for tova borgnine 2021Image result for tova borgnine 2021

2018 ?                                                    2015?





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@lynne6was7 wrote:

Does anyone know how to communicate with Tova (as the PTB at QVC do not listen)?  And, if via Facebook, would you be willing to pass along a message?


I see that she has added back into the line some of the cactine face products.  I want to request that she bring back the true CACTINE BODY VELVET - not the Signature body velvet.

@lynne6was7  If you go to her webpage- beautybytovadotcom

there is  a contact us page.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Watching Tova

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@on the bay wrote:

If you ever wanted to transport yourself into another world, watch Tova.

I would start thinking, is she for real?

And then yes, it is like watching old classic Hollywood. I think she must really be the way she is and I find I am mesmerized.

I also think of my mother who still looks so elegant in the way she dresses and wears her scarves. Even in jeans, she looks elegant, and so put together.

I somehow did not inherit that lol!

Anyway, if you ever want to relieve a stressful day, watch Tova and then go to look at @MamaWick's deer and you are good for the daySmiley Happy


I have tried Tova Signature and Nights. I like them both so much, especially Tova Nights.

@on the bay 


You too?  I love that woman and she reminds me of the way my mother comported and dressed herself and NO, I DID NOT inherit that either.  Waa waa waa.  My sister and daughter did.  I hate to say I am a little bit jealous that they inherited that.  But I am glad they did. They are my mother, although I admit when they stay with me, I get a little put out at time they take in the bathroom morning and evening, preparing for the day or bedtime. I think that is the secret. TIME

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i believe the large "pretty in pink" photo posted was taken during january 2021.

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Thank you so much @qbetzforreal .  I submitted my request - worth a try anyway.  I loved the Cactine Body Velvet.  I ordered it from her salon for a while after QVC discontinued it.  Made my sensitive skin so soft, and the light orange fragrance was fabulous.

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I loved my Tova beauty products and I also enjoyed reading her book.

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