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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

@annabellethecat wrote:

My late husband could fix everything.


He was amazing.  He once replaced the heating elements in our dryer.


It wasn't easy and it took awhile but he did it.


My advice is to first see how long it would take to get a new one.


Accordingto most things I see, it is very difficult to get appliances right now.


Check to see if one is available, FOR SURE.


NOT one that's promised.  My friend's husband redoes kitchens.  His advice is to expectappliances to take 6 or more months.





This is true about appliances having a long lead time now. I had lunch with a girlfriend this past weekend, and her and her husband had been waiting three months for a replacement washing machine, and he works at Home Depot.

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

@50Mickey  The Habitat for Humanity  Restore takes working appliances. In fact the installers said my dryer could go to them and they  just call them to pick up. 

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

Well way back when we didn't have to wait for months to get things, one of the hardest things I had to make my husband understand was sometimes it was better to pay someone to fix something than for him to take time to fix it.


On the same note, when HE FIXED something it was done perfectly.  

I get so tired of paying people to do something half @ss.  I'd like it fixed and move on.


I sa w where some of you told about appliances who lasted 15-20 years.


I remember right after my husband die d suddenly my refrigerator died.  I called the repair guy and he said "It's dead".


Thats when reality hit me.  I was the woman who would walk into a store for builders.  They had every brand and every price.  All I ever had to do was walk over and pick it out.  My husband was left to bargain the price and delivery date.


Now I was the person who did it all.


I asked the guy why it was that old stuff lasted longer.  He looked at me and said "The manufacturers realized that they'd sell more if the appliance only lasted a few years."  Mystery solved,😩


I've always been an independent person.  But having to 'do it all'isnt my favorite thing.  Too bad...buck choice...right?

I lived with a dishwasher that was on it's last leg because I knew it'd be hard to get a new one.  My daughters spent hours on the computer and phone and found me a wonderful dishwasher.  I think it was the last one on the east coast.


I remember saying, "As long as my built in microwave works...I'm good".


Within weeks it died.  I went downstairs where my granddaughter's stuff for her apartment at college was.  I brought it upstairs.  It works fine.  Who knows when I'll find the right one that fits.


As soon as the frustration my girls experienced wears off.   I'll ask them to use their magic and try to find me a new one.







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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

@Sg1957 wrote:

I should have said that the washer was beyond repair, so it had to go.

The dryer has been fixed a few times and is about 16 years old.

It is still working  (makes a grinding sound sometimes) but don't know for how much longer.


Plus the set is in my kitchen.


Thank you for all of your replies.

In that case, I'd replace both.  I was leaning that way, anyway.  Both appliances are old, and since they're in a kitchen, they are seen often, so a matching set is more important. 

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

Mine are both old so we will replace both of them. 

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

I am partial to replacing the set, especially if originally purchased as a set and I could afford to do so.



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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

My GE washer died after having only 4 years and my dryer which is the same age squeakes a lot.  I replaced the washer only with a Whirlpool.  I will no longer buy cheap cheap.  Mine are both white so the look like they do match. I would only replace if I had to, especially since prices are so high right now.

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

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@50Mickey wrote:

@lavenderfields wrote:

It would depend on how old the appliance that was still working was.  I recently replaced my front loading washing machine, which I had bought with the matching dryer about 5 years ago.  I hated that washer and replaced it with a deep fill top loader.   I thought about buying a matching set, but the dryer still worked perfectly.   If the set had been older, I may have replaced them both.   In my experience, the dryer always outlasts the washer. 

The dryer usually outlasts the washer. Goodwill does not take appliances and I don't know of any other charities that do. So in all likelihood the working appliance that is discarded will end up in a landfill. Sad that we have become a throw away society.



why would anyone toss a working appliance?  i prefer to have a matched set, especially if it is something that can be seen. it is easy to advertise it  for free or for a nominal price on the nextdoor app site, facebook marketplace, local facebook groups. our RESTORE donation center will accept appliances in working order.

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

@Sg1957 wrote:

If your washer or dryer broke, who you just replace the broken appliance

or would you get a matched set?

I would call a repairman and see if it can be fixed. Smiley Happy

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Re: Washer and Dryer Question?

I would just buy the one if it would match my set.  I have wild cherry LG stacking set, and I don't know if this is still available.  If not available, I guess I would purchase a whole new set.  

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