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Re: Want to gain weight!

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I prefer the Premier protein bottles and drink these in addition to eating when I’ve needed to gain weight. Sometimes I added ice cream and blended it and I enjoyed those as well. 



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@Ceci wrote:

Almost feel embarrassed to ask this question, but watching Andrew Lessman on HSN as he's selling his low calorie meal replacement.


Does anyone know of a healthy meal replacement for someone who wants to gain weight?


I am healthy but have trouble keeping weight on since I've gotten older (68). I've always been thin but in the last few years have lost weight. I'm not a good eater and tend to forget to eat if I don't remind myself. I'm healthy but even my doctor would like me to put on at least 10 pounds.


I do not like supplements like Boost or the others because they are full of sugar and junk I don't want to drink. I like Andrews meal replacement, have ordered it in the past but it is very low in calorie if you are trying to gain weight.


Does he make a regular caloric meal replacement?


@Ceci, I found some microwaveable muffin cups from Amazon that you might  like. Called “FlapJacked Mighty Muffins”.  Each one has 220 calories and 20g of protein.  I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter today. Not sure I would get this flavor again, but there are other flavors to choose from.


It did not taste overly sweet, which I liked - 10g of sugar. I got two of them to try. Cinnamon Roll is the other one.



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Thanks, Montana

I'll take a look!