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Almost feel embarrassed to ask this question, but watching Andrew Lessman on HSN as he's selling his low calorie meal replacement.


Does anyone know of a healthy meal replacement for someone who wants to gain weight?


I am healthy but have trouble keeping weight on since I've gotten older (68). I've always been thin but in the last few years have lost weight. I'm not a good eater and tend to forget to eat if I don't remind myself. I'm healthy but even my doctor would like me to put on at least 10 pounds.


I do not like supplements like Boost or the others because they are full of sugar and junk I don't want to drink. I like Andrews meal replacement, have ordered it in the past but it is very low in calorie if you are trying to gain weight.


Does he make a regular caloric meal replacement?

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Go to your grocery store and buy Ensure and drink it.  It contains vitamins and minerals and is for people who cannot eat.  When I get sick the first thing that goes is my stomach and I lose weight - don't want to eat.


Ensure is what is given to those in the hospital and nursing homes to make sure they are getting adequate nutrition when the appetite goes.


It's a lot cheaper than Lessman and with ice also tastes good - sort of like a milkshake.  By the way milkshakes will also help you gain weight and give you the benefit a calcium for your bones.

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Ensure is not cheaper than Lessman's shakes.  It is very high in carbs, sugar and chemicals.  

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I had the same problem & my solution was to have a set time to eat meals everyday, that way I didn't skip & the meals I planned & ate were healthy. I know you want info on replacements but thought I'd share what worked for me...wish you the best on meeting your goal @Ceci.

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While I do not have this problem, I do have a good friend with that same issue.  I suggested to her that she should keep a food diary and write out a menu plan to get the number of calories she needs.  You can include nuts, avocados and breads that are higher in calories, but I would not start eating processed foods.  I assume your doctor has ruled out any medical issues that keep you from gaining.

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 @Ceci Rather than asking here, I think the best thing for you to do is to make an appointment with a dietitian. Even if your insurance won't cover it, it's not expensive and it's money well spent. Research online and find a good one, they're not all good just like doctors or any other health professional.

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Bless your heart..

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Eat your regular 3 meals a day and drink the Ensure as an "extra" meal each day instead of using it as a "meal replacement." Two a day should help you gain weight that is healthy weight.

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Are your existing meals well balanced?  Could you just eat larger portions?  Don’t skip meals.

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I drink Andrew Lessman shakes everday and love them.  While I do not need to gain weight, I would love to have that problem, my suggestion would be to add a banana and some frozen yogurt to your shake in a blender.  You will be getting more nutrition and banana's while offering  great nutrients also have a bit of calories.  Best of luckSmiley Happy