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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

Wow - I have a friend I met on a cruise who worked her way up from cashier to corporate.  Hope her position is safe. 

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

@FiddleDeeDee  I guess it just got to my area -- I last had a free shipping item with a pickup order on July 19. Bleh is correct.

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

This move is not surprising...spending is down.


Retail sales posted unexpected 0.3% decline in May as inflation hammers consumers. Retail and food service spending posted a surprise 0.3% decline in May, below the estimate for a 0.1% increase. Spending at gas stations led but was offset by declines elsewhere, according to numbers that are not adjusted for inflation

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

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I wonder how much self-checkout is hurting Walmart. Yes, I have used self-checkout and yes, I hate it! For a while, our Walmart had almost converted everything to self-checkout, forcing you to use it. The last time I was there, I noticed there were several lanes with clerks open and checking out customer orders (like in the "good old days"). I wonder if the self-checkouts hurt their business?

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

We were surprised when Walmart suddenly closed it's doors in our town a few months ago. There were no news articles prior to it closing, just suddenly it was news never went into depth why, just "part of a nationwide downsizing" of stores.


Ours was a smaller one, (no pharmacy, or produce), but always full parking lot and busy, as it was our only "one stop shop" type box store in town.


There is a larger one, one town over.


I never liked shopping in either store...but occasionally would go in for something I needed, be it boxes for Christmas, or something else, random, like that. Not much at all.


They say HomeGoods/Tj's is interested in the spot.


I love HG/TJ's, but would have loved if we got Target, which I was always wishing went into that spot, when Walmart came.


B&M retail is changing. Last Christmas I was in Macy' was nothing like what it had been, in terms of stock and business.



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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

@PickyPicky3 wrote:

Looks like Walmart changed its shipping policy.


Tonight I put together a curbside grocery pickup for tomorrow. When I added a shipping package of batteries, it couldn't be included with the pickup order. Walmart required a separate $35 minimum shipping order for free shipping. This has never happened before. 


Are you a member of their plus club?  If not, there has always been a shipping charge for less than $35. I am and have never had a shipping charge, as recently as yesterday. The only shipping charge I've seen are those charged by third parties and I don't buy those products.  

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But now it's over.: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

@CalminHeart   For the past year I have been able to combine a pickup order with shipping items and pay no shipping if the total order exceeded $35.


It may have been a trial. Now it's over. Walmart is ALWAYS experimenting. 


I have never been a member of Walmart+.



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Re: But now it's over.: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

I haven't been to my Walmart in months. The last few times I went, they had people at the door fund raising for activities and causes. I don't have the extra money to have a door fee everytime I decide to shop there so I have moved to my supermarket only and Amazon delivery.  

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

@MamaWick wrote:
Bottom line over humans



Companies can't survive by paying unnecessary salaries.


It has nothing to do with loving humans and everything to do with profit levels which IS how a company survives during inflation!


My daughter's company just laid off 65 ppl thanks to this stinking economy.  It happens, and sometime it has to happen.


It is called business.  They re-evaluate which areas are bloated.


There are plenty of jobs out there....hoping those furloughed will find a higher paying job elsewhere.

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

@Sooner wrote:

I think a lot of people are going to be laid off because not coming to the office, they find out you aren't very productive, out-of-sight out-of-mind and they don't need you. 


I don't think working from home is going to work out for a lot of people and I feel sorry for them.



We started "work from home" way before the pandemic, the building that we lease is running out of space for workers...... BUT its not all fun and games because our company has developed software to keep track of our every move.....and we must meet certain productivity goals or you're GONE!  (We are an "at will" State which means you can be fired without even giving a reason---of course there's a few federal exceptions that all companies must comply with).  We can work in our PJ's or a bathing suit, unless we have a Zoom meeting...and no driving needed which with gas prices saves us money...those are the PLUSES ++

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