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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

They are laying off "corporate employees", not essential workers who interface directly with customers, who actually make things happen, or are directly involved in operational mechanics at Walmart.  We learned from the pandemic how valuable essential workers are in any organization, and if they are sick, can't work, die, or disappear-the whole economy stops.  So if you are faced with a situation of 'where do you cut', it can't be essential workers, it will have to be elsewhere.


In fact, I think our Walmart is hiring more essential workers, and refining their work efforts.  My last delivery was the most efficient so far.  For the first time, they had two people delivering.   All the food was put into a basket from the car, together they brought it to the door, and unloaded into my baskets at the door.  It substantially cut delivery time and was much more efficient than one person going back and forth with a few bags in their hands. 


Walmart is constantly refining itself, and are generally ahead of the pack.  If they make changes, they are seeing something in the data about money, consumer behavior, and operational mechanics.

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

Last night one of the business channels said Walmart, Oracle, and Robinhood were all laying off top level corporate executive positions. You almost never see any of these corporations doing that...also , Warren Buffet lost over 60 billion dollars last quarter; another anomaly. I  don't think the economy is nearly as strong as people want to think it is. I still see so many places begging for employees...and still many office and retail spaces for sale or lease. Most of them were thriving prior to COVID and never came back after the lockdown. The employees are not all still employed and working from home; the companies and businesses folded. Inflation is biting more than people at the grocery store. 

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

I can't stand going to Walmart! The prices are no longer competitive and the employees are downright rude. They barely acknowledge customers and don't even say thank you when giving you your receipt, just a "here ya go". Where is the basic training in cs?
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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

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The thing about self check out is an increase in shoplifting. Many retailers are finding some customers are doing "the ole one for you, two for me" routine while checking out. Either skipping the scanner on some items or not counting the correct amount when they have multiples of some things, etc.

The past year or two in CT bags are 10 cents, you can make your purchase and walk out with it in hand or in carriage.  Made stealing very easy.


Philadelphia’s ban on plastic bags technically went into effect on Oct. 1, though enforcement was postponed for six months to help businesses prepare for the change.

Those six months are over April 1.

Mayor Jim Kenney told store owners to get ready, because warnings issued since October for failure to comply with the law will become fines next month.

“We urge businesses to make the necessary arrangements to avoid any financial penalties, and we urge shoppers to bring reusable bags to do your shopping,” Kenney said in a statement Tuesday morning. “Philadelphia is committed to advancing our environmental goals, and the ban on single-use plastic bags is an important step forward to achieve these goals.”


With the Philadelphia ban on plastic bags, there are numerous comments of people just walking out of Walmart with boxes, merchandise and items. Have no idea if they have paid for the items.

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

Well, no surprise there! Big box retailers are notoriously top heavy with big salaries to boot, compared to their rank and file, who really run the place!

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees


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Looks like Walmart changed its shipping policy.


Tonight I put together a curbside grocery pickup for tomorrow. When I added a shipping package of batteries, it couldn't be included with the pickup order. Walmart required a separate $35 minimum shipping order for free shipping. This has never happened before. 

Oh good grief. This week my cart showed separate shipping and pickup orders with separate checkout buttons. I never ordered the batteries last week, so they were still there in shipping. When I placed the pickup order, the batteries got included without a second $35 minimum. That's good, but there's no consistency.

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Re: Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees

the owners needed the extra money to buy the denver broncos. Smiley Wink

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