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Re: Walking behind a row of cars in a parking lot

I have always done this. I would rather not get run over, but I can see why people do.

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Re: Walking behind a row of cars in a parking lot

In NJ drivers have to stop for people in the crosswalks, but I always wait to see if the car stops before I advance. There's a factory nearby though that has the factory doors just about four feet from road and if you're going down that road at shift change, those coming off shift will literally run right out of the doors and into the street and assume cars will stop. The speed limit on that road is 35 MPH and there's no way you can stop a car going 35 MPH in the time it takes one of those idiots to run across that four foot space. They don't look, they don't pause, they just dive across and every now and then one will get hit.

As to parking lots, I've almost been hit enough times even though I'm paying attention to take nothing for granted. There's a shopping center in Deptford that has a TJ Maxx and Marshalls both in it. I was going into one of those stores one day and a woman had just come out and was opening her driver's side door as I neared her car. She somehow managed to get in, close the door, start the car, and shift it into reverse in the time it took me to walk the width of her car. She almost hit me. She knew I was there as she smiled at me as she was climbing in, and I wasn't wasting any time, but she set something of a world record for getting into a car, starting it, and getting it moving. I suspect it was one of those "push button to start" cars as she really didn't have time to insert a key and get it moving that quickly. I couldn't believe the speed with which she got that car moving.

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