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Forget "EASY PAY", give us FREE SHIPPING!!!

Anybody with me??!!

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Yes!  Easy Pay only postpones the payment.  Free shipping saves my money!

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Almost every shopping site offers free shipping.




For me, it takes deep discounts AND free shipping to get my business.





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@Solar: Your post is a little misleading. The title says free shipping (you got my hopes up Smiley Tongue). But...your post is more like wishful thinking. 

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I always comparison shop so FS only matters if it ends up being the best price available. I'll never understand why FS & EP have to be pitted against each other...when available, use both to your advantage.

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@Solar  Agree 💯!  It's been mentioned a lot on the forums that Easy Pays are Not as enticing to make purchases as "Free Shipping" would be. I never use Easy Pays anyway, so it doesn't encourage me to buy anything. 🙁

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Um, I may have been listening to DV on FB live this past Thursday and someone may have asked and he may have mentioned that you might not be disappointed much longer.  Smiley Surprised

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The OP's post is completely misleading, not just a little, esp the "WOW." I won't be opening any more of that poster's threads.
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@Solar @Pearlee @Laura14 @DoxieJ @kitcat51

@ItsME @Anonymous032819


Retailmenot has 20% cash back on Q purchases not to exceed $50.

There is also a 20% cash back for HSN.

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So agree!  I dont need easy pay (aka easy pay) -I dont want to pay for S&H!