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... Some of you may remember me asking for some prayers for a friends son who was diagnosed with a rare form bone of cancer... I last spoke to his mother the end of this past week and was told that he was doing very well... His last tested showed no cancer, but they were going to complete 6 more kemo/radiation treatments. He had also had a rather extensive surgery on his spine that removed the affected vertebrae and implanted a frame/rib bone, etc... His prognoses was still guarded, but hopeful in the long term as they really did find the cancer early.

... This past Monday morning - he was killed instantly in a head on collision of his way back to Phoenix... He was in a small car, and the other driver was in a large SUV. The other driver was life-flighted out, but it is my understanding that they will survive. Apparently, the other driver crossed the center line and caused the accident...

... Please pray for my friend so she may have the strength to survive what I can only imagine is the worse thing a parent would ever have to endure...