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Verbal Abuse- Anyone Been There

Hello, I have been married since 2002. When I dated my husband in 2000, he seemed like such a wonderful guy. So kind and said all the right things. He had a seven year old son at the time we met. We dated and he asked me to marry him six months after meeting. His wife had died, his sons mom. We got engaged and didn't marry until two years later.

What happened is this. He started to yell at his son all the time. I would tell him to stop and he would but then go back to it. He also would bang things, yell, be angry all the time pretty much. This whole marriage has been a disaster to be honest. Some days even weeks he acts pretty good but then out of nowhere he is very angry again. You never know when he is going to turn on you. His son is older now and we have talked about it all. He also will yell back now that he is nineteen so the father does not yell at him. He has turned all of his anger on to me for the last few years, even more than ever. He leaves me alone after supper every night. He recently yelled at me in the grocery store isle, but won't do it if a man is around to see it. Basically he has called me things and I feel trapped. My son told me I should see a lawyer. He understand s what I'm going through.

My husband sees his doctor on a regular basis, and there isn't anything wrong with him that would cause these Jeckyl and Hyde actions. His son talked to me the other night when I had broke down crying. He told me his father had been yelling at him even back when he was dating me! I said really? Lately, I have broke down in front of many people when I have had to bring up my situation. If I speak of my husband I start to cry. I don't want to go to my grave never being happy again. Many have told me I'm being abused. Verbally abused. I never thought of it that way until I was told about how abusers act. I looked up and read about abuse and I have 7 out of ten signs. He can be so nice but then so cold and rotten. I'm on a roller coaster. I think he'll stay nice and then I stay but next thing you know he starts yelling and stomping around. Even the dogs get scared. I want to go and start a new life, but am afraid of money worries and other things. But staying is going to eventually kill me. The stress right now and sadness is enough. I wondered if there are any women that can advise me on this. Please, no bashing. If you have no help just say nothing. I'm trying to reach out to women who may help. Thank you.