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25% off everything and free shipping on their website.  I just ordered a compact weekender bag.  

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They have awesome masks!

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Reminds me I need to unsubscribe from their email list.  Or ask for once a month, not practically every day.  


It’s my own fault, I know.  I wonder why I ever give my email or even my zip code!

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@Tinkerbell3  I second the love of the masks. Pretty prints, wash/dry well, and very comfortable to wear!

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I placed an order a few days ago, with the discount. The Vera tote in the pink paisley print, 3 mini notebooks and a checkbook cover in a fruit pattern.

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Hallmark stores sell the Vera masks.
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I went through my Vera Bradley phase.  Several years ago I bought tons of stuff in a short time.  Not quite sure what my obsession was, but I think I am over it.  I just love the prints!  But I stay away now so as not to be tempted.  I have more bags, totes, purses, cosmetic cases and wallets than I will ever use up!

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@kaydee50 wrote:

25% off everything and free shipping on their website.  I just ordered a compact weekender bag.  

Oh, a weekender bag, what a nice thought, going away for the weekend. I wouldn't mind packing in a paper bag!

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I like their prints, however I have enough travel bags.  Dont care for the purses.  Mostly purchase accessories or paper products.  I did buy 3 masks, all are great, wash well and have nice, full coverage.  I also love the mini notebooks.  Give lots of their accessories as gifts.  Their throws are wonderful.


Always great sales.  The online outlet sales are the best pricing.  Several times per year. (Maybe 6x).  Clearing out inventory and past seasons prints.  


The quality was better when they were made in the US, i’m so glad I have several travel bags before they moved production overseas.  

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I still like the washable VB bags.  I do think the selections are not as varied anymore.


I have a tote that I used all the time and I cannot get that style anymore.


Some of the handles are not as good as they used to be, either.


I browsed but didn't buy.   The prints are still pretty, though.

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