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Valerie is going to do her sneak peak today on facebook for her Wednesday and Thursday shows.

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I'm ready to start decorating for spring/summer so I'll be anxious to see her offerings. She always tempts me.

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Looking forward to her spring line,

thank you,

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Thank you, @fingerlakesny. My  house is exploding with stuff  😲 so I'm going to try and control myself. However, I did do a preemptive strike on Sunday and ordered the Valentines heart votives. With the free shipping I just went for it. It was a tough choice but I got red. H445180.



Set of 3 Illuminated Heart Votives with Bags by Valerie

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Thanks @fingerlakesny . I don't do FB so if anyone can post a picture from her sneak peek it would be greatly appreciated. 

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I always enjoy watching Valerie's shows but NO NO NO buying!   LOL, I just cannot purchase another decor item.......I love it all and while I am enjoying the winter I do look forward to Spring Smiley Happy


@PansyBoo Those votives are very pretty, nice choice.

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I always enjoy the Valerie shows, but am passing this season. I have plenty of decor, and cannot watch without buying. 


Everyone enjoy! I know she will offer some lovely pieces. 



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@cjm61  You don't have to have an account on Facebook to read posts.  Here is a link.  She shows more than 60 pictures.  I found at least one item I will order.

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Oh boy...I'm in trouble.  I love ginger jars and this shade of blue.  I also think these bird frameless candle are so cute for spring.  There were a lot of items I liked from her fb page.  


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