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Best Wishes to You & Cindy & all the furry family.  So glad she’s coming home!


I think of Y’all often, stay well and warm.

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Re: Update on my wife

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@@hckynut  Just read your post and happy that your wife is out of the woods and didn't require surgery.  Love that you and Lily will be meeting her for the trip home!  Precious how you take such good care of each other.

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@hckynut, what a relief that there is a less invasive process to deal with the issue.  I certainly hope this does the trick.  Good luck!  LM

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I truly hope this works for your wife.  It sounds very encouraging!  I'm sure she will be so happy to return home -- that's the best medicine of all!!!  

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Womderful way to start the day!   i know you and your babies are thrilled to have Cindy home again.  

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Wonderful news---so happy no operation for Cindy.


May the rest of this year be a healthy one for you both.



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Re: Update on my wife

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@hckynut, so happy to hear there are options!  Keep the good news coming!



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@hckynut Thank you for the update. Prayers will continue.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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Wishing continued health for Cindy, and you, and your fury friends.

So many care because so many have received kindness from your family.

Fury friends and both of you are good people.

God Bless.

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I hope things are going well for both you and your wife. And that her diet is working out well. The unknown is a scary thing and so we try our best and hope for the best. 

Hope she continues to improve. Thank you for being such a good helper.