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First I want to thank "sfnative/Rebecca" for posting the thread about my wife's issues. Also want to thank everyone that sent prayers and their thoughts her/my way.


I know I left a confusing message about my wife and should have made it more clear to Rebecca. My wife went to the ER and we were there from about 10pm till 4am. The ER doctor did a contrasting CAT Scan and told her there was a narrowing in her intestine.


He left it up to her if she wanted to go home or stay as an inpatient. She opted to go home, against my wishes, because planning things for her mothers 90th birthday which is this coming weekend.


The ER doctor talked with one of her 3 Bariatric Surgeons and this doctor said as long as she did not eat solids she would probably be ok until the Bariatric Doctor saw her in his office.


That was earlier today and he said as long as she stuck with liquids only she "should be alright", but if pain increases to head right to the ER.


Anyways, she is scheduled to have this procedure done this coming Monday. Hopefully this will be the last for her as last year she had an open surgery in October and a scope surgery(for the same issue)5 weeks later.


Again, thank you to everyone that took time both by posting here and also time to say a prayer or send thoughts and good wishes her/our way.


Thank you so much to everyone,



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Continued prayers and warm wishes ~~

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I'm glad to hear she felt well enough to leave the hospital and that the procedure will happen soon. I sure hope this will be the last one - I know my mom had gastric issues for decades and has had several procedures over the years and none of them have been any fun. You and Cindy will continue to be in your thoughts - let us know more next week.

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@hckynutjohn Thank for the update! Hope she stays out of pain and that the 90th birthday celebration is fun!

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I hope all goes well for your wife...and for you too. Please keep us posted. Best of luck.

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John, thanks for the update!


Cindy is quite a trooper, putting her love for her mother before Cindy's own comfort.  She's a brave lady Smiley Happy


I hope you both are doing as well as can be under the circumstances.


We will still be thinking of you both and wishing for a speedy recovery for Cindy.



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Prayers and my best thoughts for no pain, a successful surgery and for a happy celebration! 

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Continued prayers, hugs, and best wishesSmiley Happy

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Thanks for the update, John. I wish her well, and hope you're all able to enjoy the special birthday celebration.

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John, thanks posting this update.  I have had emergency surgery for the same issue so I know how scary it can be.  Will continue to pray that the issue resolves favorably.  Take care, both of you.  LM