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~ Update on my Molly (by her Mom) ~

Hi everyone ..... well, it's a year this month that I got Molly, my sweet Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel from the Rescue Group in PA that got her from a puppy mill. She was then 4 years old and my Vet. thinks she could have had as many as 6 litters. She was a pathetic, scraggly, sickly little lady, but I knew immediately, she was mine and I was going to make her life as good as possible.

It's been a year now and the difference is amazing. When I got her she weighed 9 lbs. - she now weighs 14 lbs., her fur is fully grown in with the long Cavalier ears, fur behind the legs like a flag, and a black tail with a big white fluffy ball on the end like a lion. I know I'm prejudiced, but she is absolutely beautiful .... the perfect example of a shiny Cavalier.

Some of you may remember how sick she was (unknown to me) when I got her and it took a whole lot of time, tests, visits to the Vet., and $$ to figure out what was wrong and treat it. Turns out her pancreas does not function at all so now she takes 2 tablets of Pancrezyme at each meal. She's doing beautifully. She loves her "friends" .... i.e. the other dogs we see when we go for a walk, and also my son's big red Vizsla.

I know not all stories about puppy mill rescues turn out so well, but I will be ever grateful for my little Miss Molly. She and I are a team.