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Re: University of Alabma COVID........

@Burnsite wrote:

I want to add something here that happened to me in late Feb.  I had a work visit scheduled for Great Britain.  They had only 1 case in the part of Britiain where I would be visiting in Feb..


Because my dad was a polio doctor and I grew up with that pandemic, I cancelled my trip anyway, as I knew that single case could be exponentially larger in two weeks, when I was due to fly.  I had non-refundable reservations, but I cancelled. 


Britain did catch fire in that 2 week period, and ended up with the most Covid deaths in Europe.  Two people I knew who went to the UK for that conference came back sick unto death.


This is life and death, folks.  Don't believe it's nothing.  I hope everyone here stays safe.  Including the teachers and support staff summoned back into classrooms when it is not safe.

@Burnsite, thank goodness for your reasoned caution.

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