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Just found out our insurance is changing to United healthcare. Don't know all the details. Does anyone have any information on this health plan?
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It's a huge company with many plans.   If you are getting this thru your employer, contact HR..........otherwise, talk to a rep at United Healthcare. 


I have been insured by this company many years, but thankfully, have never had to make a claim.

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We had excellent insurance through that company for years, but it will depend on the plan you're on whether you are happy or not.

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I have had 3 different plans through them over the last 5 years or so.  The one I currently have is a supplemental to go with Medicare. 


I've only filed 4 claims thus far, but they were all handled to my satisfaction.  I did have to pay $250 of an ambulance bill out of pocket last year but that is about all I have paid so far.


I am not saying they are the best, but I don't think they are the worst either. 

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They're a good company, from my experience with them so far. I was unhappy with Empire, which l had previously.

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They're an excellent insurance company. 

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I have had UHC for many years now. I currently no longer use my Medicare Card as it is all under UHC. I have had no real problems with them, and I would compare my stacks of their EOB'S against most any single person on this forum.

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I am in the minority here but ever since our company changed healthplans to UHC, it has been one issue after another. From fighting for medications I've been using for years to pre-approving and then paying for my surgery but then denying the payment to the surgeon who perfomed the surgery (doesn't make any sense, lol). Trying to get them to pre-approve a surgery so I didn't get stuck with a $100,000 bill was like pulling teeth. The sort of "approval" letter was so vague that I had to get my lawyer to review it first to see if it was even safe enough to move forward! Even the doctors had a hard time figuring out if it was an approval letter or a denial letter! Anyway, it is a really good insurance in that we don't have to pay alot out of pocket, low deductible and low max out of pocket and good coverage but it just seems like I'm always having to justify this and that, something I've never had to deal with before with other insurances. Very time consuming and frustrating.

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I liked them. 


Fyi... Aetna bought Humana and Anthem bought Cigna.  

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Oh no, I got Humana hope it doesn't surge before I can get on Medicare

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