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Re: Ugh, Walmart & Disabled Young Man

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@CARMIE Thank you posting this happy outcome.  Needed some uplifting news and you have just provided it.



Historically all the uproar is front page...and the happy resolve is on

the back page I’m glad the happy ending is being reported.



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Re: Ugh, Walmart & Disabled Young Man

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Our local news reported on a young man with cebebral palsy and he has worked for 10 yrs. as a greeter at Walmart. He has always used a walker and did his job. He loves working there and the regular customers like him and enjoy him. Well, Walmart is changing it's policy and job descriptions.  Now, the man has to stand 8 hours and be able to lift 20 ibs  He has until sometime in April to decide to stay or go.


This just drives me crazy. he's not applying now and can't do what the new job descrition requires. It's not like he was stacking pallets and suddenly can't.  With all this kid deals with physically  he still wants to work and it's a greeter for Pete's sake, and he's been there 10 years.  A lot of people are on the kid's side and I hope he can keep his job.


Maybe I get more outraged because my sister is handicapped.

@Retired Legal Secretary  Very sorry for your sister...yes you feel more intense about this issue due to that..rightfully so.

They should around this young man.....then others coming in under this new contract will have to just follow the rules. BUT keeping him makes good sense and he was so loyal for them with 10 years in and with a disability! Since we, the public who shop there and hear sad news like this, word gets out like on here - people will boycott or just not shop there anymore. They can grandfather him him I'm sure. I'm pleased to hear it was in the local news!

A good lawyer won't hurt either just saying.

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