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Welp, I guess I'm never going to my son's house again.  Nope.  Not going there.  This thing is HUGE, like Amazon jungle size!  I cannot deal with bats.  Nope.  And don't bother telling me they are cute and they eat the bugs.  They are not cute.  Puppies are cute.  Babies are cute.  Bats are not cute.  I don't care how many bugs they eat.  Nope.  Not going to his house.  Nope.  That is all. 




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Repulsive! I'm not going there either!



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I with you, I know they are good for the eco system but they are not good for my mental health NOPE.

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@LdyBugz LOL... I loved how you wrrote the post. Made me laugh... Heart

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Re: Ugh! Bat!!!

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I like bats and am glad for their existence.

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Leave him alone and he'll be gone tonight.  Just hanging out. 

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Everyone's idea of what's cute is different. I personally think most bats are cute. cute-adorable-bats-1-91-5ebbc28715873__700.jpg

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@Anonymous032819  Nope.

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Okay.  I would go over every day just to see him! 

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@Sushismom  Nope.