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Re: US prisons face staff shortages as officers quit

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@Mindy D wrote:

@granddi @It's not just underpayment. People are quitting jobs of every type. Many just can't stand their jobs anymore and want something else. Prison jobs have many undesirable attributes. There's plenty of danger in their jobs. Teachers are quitting. Nurses are quitting. Doctors are retiring early. Postal workers and truckers are quitting. Many can't stand their management and have reached their breaking points. Besides the negatives people are finding with their jobs, there's been an increased need for people to stay home with their kids and there's been fear of getting sick. Many want jobs with more flexible hours to meet demands they have in caring for family. Many want supportive management or want to feel appreciated at work. Many want reduced hours. They are tired. Few people have jobs they love everything about or have jobs with pluses that are just too good for them to give up. 

Some workers realize they have no other options and they can't quit. Many of these are older workers. Hiring of available older workers, even in this time of short staffing, is way 

under the hiring of other workers. When they stop, or lose a job, they often struggle to find other full time work, unless they hold some type of training or education in which their age will not play a factor in hiring them. 

@Mindy D 


Your post is very spot on from what I’m seeing.  


Having worked in public service for a long time, it’s telling

that the majority of jobs being vacated seem to be public service types.


Working with the public adds a layer of difficulty to any work, and opens employees up to exposure to the full range of baggage 🧳 we humans bring with us.  The kind, polite, appreciative people make it great, but there are so many other types.


It can be emotionally tiring, and sometimes even risky.


Maybe something we can all think about.



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