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I just received the Bare minerals TSV, heard the UPS truck pull up so I was waiting at my door when he got out of the truck. I laughed and said I guess it's pretty bad when you know the sound of the UPS truck from inside the house when it pulls up. He laughed and said you have one package, the Lady on the next street over gets about 10 packages a day from QVC and  he was about to deliver 8 packages to my next door neighbor all from QVC.  I only order MAYBE once a month. We had a big laugh

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Lol! Cute @Goodie2shoes!

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I always know the UPS truck because it's loud, then I hear a thud on the front porch.  Once I received a neighbor's package.  I didn't look at the name, I just tore open the bag.  I pulled out a pastel pink gili top.  I don't order Gili, so I knew it wasn't mine.  I checked the label and saw the neighbors name.  I taped it back together and sent it next door.

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I have to say that my husband works at UPS (not a driver) and it really is unprofessional of the driver to be speaking about other people's deliveries (be it quantities, times, where they are from or whatever).


I know if it were me he was passing on that information about, I'd not be happy. 

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@mominohio.  I was just thinking the same thing about the driver giving out that information about the neighbors.  We've never had a driver comment about other peoples number of packages at all, much less tell what company they were from. Very unprofessional, IMO.

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Re: UPS Delivery

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Speaking of UPS - lately, the driver delivered packages in front of my house, but not in front of the door.  He doesn't knock or ring the bell.  Last two times, I did not know there were packages delivered.  Had I not opened the door for some reason, the packages might have been there all night! Of course, there is always the concern about the occasional strollers who might just pick up package for themselves.  I know that UPS people are always rushed. I try to catch him to ask to please let me know about delivery, but he comes and goes so quickly....

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I agree about wishing they would just ring the bell, especially if it is perishables, obviously valuables, or it's after dark.   It doesn't take any longer.  My doorbell is right there above where he puts the parcel on my porch.


I also agree that it is definitely out of line to talk about what others are receiving.   If he was just speaking generically, not so bad.  But to actually mention exactly which people were getting all these parcels and from where - way over the top and inappropriate!