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Re: UPDATE WITHIN: Idaho College Campus

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Lawrence Jones had Kaylee's parents on last night. It was revealed that the means of death of his daughter doesn't match her friends. LJ said some were more bloody than others. I found that revelation eye opening. Her parents are thinking of hiring a P.I. The parents are frustrated because each week they wait there is nothing new or it is being withheld.

LJ had other investigators on his show and it was very enlightening. Ted Williams said it takes a long time to go through all the evidence. They have to wait on the crime lab. Hopefully, they do have someone in their sights,; only time will tell.

@elated   I watch Lawrence Jones and especially his specials on this tragedy.


I took notice of Kaylee's father saying the wounds on his daughter do not match.


With all the speculation as to why all four could be killed without anyone knowing, there is a theory (not proven yet but possible) that throats were slit first; that would account for a victim not crying out.


Sorry for a graphic mind image but it could be why there had been nothing heard or noticed.

I heard the same theory on Fox. It does make sense. Very horrific.