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1. Use readers for tiny print


2. The kitchen and bathroom aren't carpeted, all the other rooms are carpeted.....

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Yes and yes.


We do have some area rugs.

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Yes, reading glasses only after cateract surgery.

Yes, wall to wall in living and dining room, also family room.  Floors are over a crawl space so need carpet for added insulation.  Hardwood bedroom floors.

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#1 YES... reading glasses


#2 YES

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  yes  yes

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Thanks, very interesting.  I forgot to say, Duh!!  


1. I do wear glasses, bifocals


2.  Area rug in LR, tile in K & B area and rest is carpet.  



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Yes to both

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1)  Yes.


2)  No carpets anywhere.

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Re: Two questions...

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What is this about?

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@QualityGal wrote:

1.  Do you wear glasses?


2.  Do you have main floor spaces that are bare floors, not carpeted?


Only asking as a matter of discussion.  Contains no underlying or emotional purposes.




1......i use readers for reading.


2......yes, hardwood floors and marble floors. tiled floors in the bathroms.

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