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Re: Two FBI Agents Killed in FL

It's rare for federal agents to serve a warrant on child porn charges. As per someone in my world who spent many years (and is still involved when necessary) hunting down those in the child porn industry, it is quite possible that this individual (now dead) was wanted due to producing child porn as well as distribution. This may be why the persons' name has not been released: he/she was a big player and the Feds are hoping to still get many who are involved.


Prayers for those killed and injured in the line of duty especially when it comes to the  odious crime of child porn. 

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Re: Two FBI Agents Killed in FL

As much as my heart aches for the loss of the lives of these brave FBI agents, I'm so sick that there are still victims in this horrible sick crime that probably haven't been *saved* yet.  



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Re: Two FBI Agents Killed in FL

May the two FBI agents, killed in the line of duty RIP, my sympathies to their family, colleagues and friends.  DH worked for the government for over 40 years and we have many friends who worked for the FBI, mostly retired now, they are a very dedicated group of people and I'm sure that this has sent shock waves through the whole organization.  So sad.