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I would say spend a week there in July and decide after that.


I was there for a few weeks for work and didn't enjoy it, but that was over 20 years ago and I'm sure it's very different today.


Tucson is cooler than Phoenix, but once you hit 100, it's all just HOT. I spent a few days in Phoenix for work last July and it took me weeks to get back to normal. Even though I drank what felt like a swimming pool's worth of water while I was there, it was days and it took me two weeks before I stopped waking up feeling like I had a hangover. And I don't drink alcohol.

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I was born & raised in SoCal & moved to the Seattle area at age 27 & lived & worked there for the next 29 years.  A friend of mine moved to Tucson in 1993 & I came down to visit her on vacation in 2001 & was enchanted with how pretty it was & how it was quite unlike what I'd thought a desert "should" look like. It's green & lush with mountains all around that you can actually see most of the time, unlike WA!  The Sonoran Desert is a really interesting desert & extends down into Mexico.


I decided that I'd like to move to Tucson when I retired. I wanted to live in a place that was in close proximity to all the services I needed & as a single female, I didn't want to live out in the sticker bushes & have to drive a long way to get groceries or see a dr. or dentist.   I bought a Tucson Thomas Guide map book (do they ever still make those?) & looked up everything I thought I'd be interested in (hospitals, stores, attractions, anything, even Costcos)  online & plotted the locations on the maps in the book & decided the NW side of Tucson was the spot to look for a place.


I put my house in WA up for sale & my realtor put me in touch with a realtor down here, who was also a WA transplant.  I came down to look at houses on Super Bowl weekend of 2006, knowing I needed to get something pronto since my house in WA had just sold a couple of days before.  I found a house I liked & put in an offer & my realtor called while I was waiting at Tucson Int'l Airport for my flight back to Seattle to tell me my offer had been accepted.  I went back to work the next day & put in my papers to retire & moved in April 2006.


I'm on the NW side of Tucson, near Marana & I like that pretty much everything I need is within a 5 mile radius of my house. This area has grown even since I've been here & is continuing to grow.


I've now been here nearly 14 years & I've adjusted to the heat better than I thought I would.  If you'd told me 40 years ago that I'd someday be living in SE AZ, I wouldn't have believed you!  The winter is my favorite time of year, but I love the monsoon, too.  It's so cool to have a day start out how & clear & the heat builds up in the humidity & big thunder clouds form before your eyes & then, thunder, lightning & torrential rain that cools everything back off beautifully & the smell of the desert when it rains is so wonderful. 


As for critters, I've never had a scorpion in my house, but have found a couple outside & in my garage.  If you keep bugs like roaches & crickets out of your house, the scorpions have no reason to be in your house, since those things are what they feed on .  I've had a few tarantulas in my yard too.  I've seen a couple of rattlers, but I'm careful where I step & don't stick my hands where I can't see into like under bushes.  I've had javalina & coyotes in my yard & my neighbor told me she had a bobcat on her back wall, but I haven't seen one except at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.


Gosh, I've practically written a novel here!