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Re: Tub and shower enclosure remodel!

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After being in my house for 20 years, my acrylic tub insert has lost its luster due to bad water and looks yucky. Nothing will make it look good again. We had two estimates to tear out the insert and do a modern walk in shower, without a door. Now I have small bathrooms, so it would be a small shower. You guys are spot on with was $6500 and the other $7800. We almost choked.  So after we caught our breath, we decided it wasnt worth it to us. Decided to have it sanded down and reglazed next week...both tubs. One shower they will do one day and the other a few days later. Total cost for both...$1200.  A bit easier to swallow.

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my daughter reglazed her tub and the tile surounding it a few years ago.  it still looks beautiful. it was a white naturally.  i think it even had glitter in it, lol.  she had then paint the tub abd tile an off white.  so the grout looked good too, really natural.  the paint they use is an epoxy and it  bonds like the it is porcelain. you will love it i am sure.

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Re: Tub and shower enclosure remodel!

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My brother paid $3500 for just a shower about 15 years ago from bathfitters---wow !!! not much to look at either, just plain jane white. Will be doing a complete gut job on main bath including the ceiling as a tree fell on our house last Dec and destroyed that 2nd story plus roof. Will be getting all new everything .