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Trouble with company I had looks to be resolved

I posted earlier about a company (Taldepot)  It sells beverages (like Snapple, etc)  I always had problems with the company even though I received the product.  It was always shipped late and if I emailed them repeatedly, it would finally arrive.  Each time I swore I would not use them, but their prices are very low.  24 bottles 16oz of diet Snapple for only $26.00.  Well this last time was too much.  They always post a Fedex tracking number and promise it will ship very soon.  I placed my order in the beginning of April and still have not received. Fedex tracking just showing as a label was created.  I contacted my Credit Company and requested a dispute with them.  Today I received an email from them saying the products I requested are out of stock.  Do I want a refund?  Yes!!! I answered.  Now I have to wait to see if they will do as they say.


Here is the link to the terrible reviews of this company


The most recent complaint was yesterday.   My complaint has the words Awful Company.  Too good to be real.  the other problem with this company is that it's on Amazon!!! I reordered on Amazon, but careful to avoid Taldepot.

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Re: Trouble with company I had looks to be resolved