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DH and I would like to take a trip to Newport RI in the beginning of November.  Any suggestions of where to stay, where to eat, and what to do would be appreciated.  BTW: is November too late for Newport, or is it still a good place to visit that time of year?


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

It's chilly there and probably some snow has fallen. Best time to go is probably in the summer months or September (when the wealthy would have gone to their summer homes) as the temps are pretty nice due to the water all around. There are hotels there. Just google for them.

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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

Hello. You will love Newport! Usually there is no snow at the beginning of November but it's New England so I can't guarantee that. The temps in Newport are milder than the rest of the state due to the coastlines. Keep an eye on weather forecasts but it's usually mild enough to enjoy then.


Visit the Newport Preservation Society's website ( and also the Newport Chamber of Commerce website for a LOT of interesting things to do and sites to see. Also for information on hotels and B&B's.


You'll want to tour a mansion or two. My favorite mansion is Rough Point the former Doris Duke's estate but the others are all worth seeing. Some will be closed in November but many are open then for tours. Downtown Newport is great for walking, shopping and eating with hotels and bed and breakfasts in that area.


If you rent a car the Ocean Drive is a spectacular 30 minute trip. The ocean is magnificent at that time of year and there is a national seashore. You will even see the mansion that was shown in the opening sequence of the soap opera Dark Shadows although the scenes were filmed in NewYork. And Bailey's Beach were the wealthy go in the summer. Hammersmith Farm, the childhood home of Jackie Kennedy is around the Drive, too.


Also easy to get to are the Tennis Hall of Fame, Truro Synagogue (George Washington once attended services there), the Redwood Library with it's own Gilbert Stuart, the old Stone Mill (once thought to be a Viking tower), St. Mary's Church where President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were married -- a litte Notre Dame. Oh, I was married there too!


It's a wonderful city. I hope you'll love it! 40 minutes from Providence and 90 minutes from Boston.



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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

I went there at the end of April about 2 years ago, it was cold that weekend (which was just the luck of the draw that week)

However not all the mansions were open for the season then, so check before you finalize your trip.  Stores/restaurants also may be closed or on shorter hours. OTH hotel prices might be lower

I personally think that November is a bit too late to be walking around there, it is right on the ocean.

but it is a fun place


Still haven't got to the Synagogue the tour hours are during the week, it is the oldest in the country and I want to visit it.

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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

November would not be the time of the year I'd travel there.  The weather is too unpredictable and much of what is open in the summer is closed.  I once went on a Christmas tour of the mansions and most were sparsely decorated and none were open at night.  You might do better visiting Boston because there is so much more to do and see.  Make sure you stop at the JFK Library where you will find fascinating memorabilia from his time in office.  I spent four hours there the first time I visited and went back again the following year and spent another two.  In my opinion, Newport is best during the summer months. 

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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

We have spent a few Thanksgiving weekends in Newport. Did ok with the weather, but again it is November in RI. Stayed at Hotel Viking. We also visited sites a previous poster mentioned. We had good luck with Christmas Tours at the Mansions. We also went to the White Horse Tavern for a meal I love old buildings and this one was great. Have fun!

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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI


i wouldnt be too concerned with shops and restaurants being closed. RI depends heavily on tourism and while Newport. Is. A. Madhouse during the summer months, the tourist activity extends into the Fall. It slows down  after the Holidays. Newport is a city and is not as seasonal as the Cape for example..


There is an annual Oktoberfest in Newport i have been to, it is a blast!  along with many varieties of beer you can get chowder,  steamers, lobsters as well as Portuguese treats and German food. This year its the 17th and 18th of October - and that is the latest time of year i would go to be comfy outdoors. the weather can get cold and raw after Halloween. plus you want to see some leaves that aren't brown!


if you do decide to travel before mid-October, and are interested in some of the freshest,  the tastiest seafood, head about an hour west in Mystic, visit the Sea Swirl!



Sea Swirl of Mystic's photo.


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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

Love Newport I have been there several times last time in early December and it was fine. We always do the bus tour and at least one mansion tour, we stayed at the Admiral Fitzroy right in town, which was great

The Red Parrot has great food



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Re: Traveling to Newport, RI

I am heading to Narragansett R.I. In mid-September.   Fall has begun, which I love since it will still be 108 in Phoenix.   The bulk of the tourists will be gone, although more seem to be discovering R.I. In the fall and most everything is open.   Newport is lovely but by November I would guess it will be fairly chilly