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I forgot, a new discovery----- crispy fried jalepenos.They are like the fried onions in a can. Fun to put in salads.

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It's not a food item but be sure and check out the cards. They are very nice quality with heavy card stock and many unique ones! I always pick up a few and they are all only 1.00! 

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@Scooby Doo , stopped by TJ's on my way home today.  Was going ot pick up that Hatch Mac&Cheese.  Sadly, they were out of it.  There was the spot for it, so I'm hoping it's a regular at my store which is a small store.


Did pick up some Pain au Lait rolls, love those, and some chocolate croissants.  Oh, and some chocolate toffee squares.  Supposed to be a mixture of dark and milk chocolate around a toffee center.  

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Love TJ especially during the holidays. I find their prices better than my reg. grocery stores.  It's almost for single people or couples. 

My friends won't go there because they think their prices are high being a specialty store, but they are not for me being single.

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@50Mickey wrote:

These are a few things that I like from Trader Joe's.


The ham, caramelized onion and Gruyere cheese flatbread in the frozen food section with the pizzas. It's very thin and crispy.


Frozen chocolate croissants. You have to take them out of the package and let them rise over night. They puff up and more than double in size by morning. They are delicious!


In the fall they bring out the Rustic Apple Tart. It's in the frozen food section.  I stock up because they are gone before Christmas and will not be back until the next year. 


Chicken Piccata 


Pepper Jelly when they have it.



@50Mickey DH and I love those chocolate croissants! They're one of a few package photos which don't exaggerate the product size--they really are that big when they rise. I'm happy to hear they still carry them; the last few trips, we couldn't find them. So we'll keep trying. Wegmans sells chocolate croissants in their bakery, but they use an egg wash--and I hate egg wash lol.


Another favorite of ours is their Tomato-Red Pepper Soup (tetrapaks). That, too, is often sold out come fall/winter, except for the low sodium offering.


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