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@781Florist wrote:

Glad to hear the optimism from your Chamber of Commerce over the upcoming season.

I am in MA and while they expect that people will be descending on the Cape this summer in pretty big numbers the restaurants, clam shacks and merchants are having trouble getting enough staff to run their businesses as usual.  I hope folks will be patient with the kids who do take those summer jobs because they will encounter longer wait times and a lot of inexperienced staff.

Our family went to the Cape every summer when I was growing up. We usually stayed in West Dennis, Dennisport, Yarmouth, Brewster and Eastham. Loved it when we arrived there. Hopefully waiting in all that traffic will give the tourists a taste of what is to be.  We waited back in the 60's and 70's so that helped. Also, I worked in the hospitality industry for many years up here in Maine.  There will be some people that will complain about waiting no doubt about it.  But I'm hoping the majority of people will understand the circumstances and not take it out on the staff.

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Oh Citidiots.....what a name
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Dear Pat
Citidiots...never heard that one
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Re: Tourists are arriving!

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If you risk going inside a grocery store regularly, going on vacation is no worse of a risk. Especially if you don't fly, and if you don't go to crowded cramped indoor places. Visiting the beach and doing fun things outdoors seem to me to be very positive for mind and heart.


Take advantage of the nicer weather to take a break if you're so inclined.


I think eventually all of us who are not at high risk will figure out how to make these things work. And those of us who are nice people will continue to do our best to protect those who are at high risk.

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Me too, Bar Harbor and Portland make great vacay spots!!

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@Rockycoast wrote:

Long line of cars, motorhomes, campers, motorcycles, etc. heading to the beaches. People opening up their houses and cabins and rentals. A little later than usual but happy to see. Good for the hotels/motels, restaurants, bars. and seafood/fish markets (they are still buying lobsters here). Tourists-glad to see them come and enjoy our state, glad to see them go when the season is over. Get our small town back again.  Talking to my friends that own hotels and restaurants, it is going to be another great season. Good for them!


ETA-I live in Maine, on the main street heading to the beaches, so we get to see how good the season is going to be from all the motor vehicles driving by.

Hi @Rockycoast just wanted to say hi, I live in Maine too, have all my life. I love it here, love the different season's (wish winter was'nt so long but, I can deal with that). Can't imagine living anywhere else. It's good to see the tourist's come, bring's  business to tourist town's, but like you I am glad to see them leave when the season is over. Enjoy the summer!